The increasing significance of AI, Blockchain and data for the industry and their impact on production companies

Date(s) - 10.05.2022
17:00 - 19:00



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The increasing significance of AI, Blockchain and data for the industry and their impact on production companies

Artificial intelligence and blockchain are two disruptive technologies and their application in different business sectors are gathering a lot of attention. During this online event, we look at the application and synergies of these technologies in the manufacturing sector and their potential for the manufacturing supply chain.

Which opportunities arise for small and medium manufacturing enterprises willing to implement these technologies? Two startups will present their state-of-the-art solutions in this field. is building a decentralized machine learning platform based on a distributed ledger, that enables anyone to share or exchange data. Maria Minaricova, Director of Business Development of Fetch.AI. will explain the role of machine learning, AI and Blockchain in building the autonomy of things.

Following, Christoph Sauerborn, Co-founder of iFlow will show the path to AI in manufacturing. While AI is very well known also in the context of Industry 4.0 profitable and scalable business cases are still rare. Industry 4.0 expert Christoph Sauerborn will explain what can be expected from this technology and what the conditions are for a – real – profitable use case. He will also give an insight into i-flow, a solution to minimise the effort for tedious integration of machines, plants & sensors into IT systems & I4.0 use cases and eliminate complex data handling tasks on the shop floor.

Participants of the event will also have the chance to do a virtual tour of the new location of AI Xpress in Böblingen.

The event will conclude with a joint workshop on the challenges of digitalisation for industrial companies and how they can improve their value creation potential through the use of data.

The Special Interest Group Artificial Intelligence (SIG KI) opens its 2022 calendar. We look forward to meeting our new and interested members online.


The workshop is addressed to business owners and representatives, production and technology managers of local and international manufacturing SMEs in automotive, machinery and equipment, food and textile, as well as innovative startups that want to unleash the power of data, AI and Blockchain in their companies.


The workshop is organized as part of the European project RestartSMEs by its coordinator bwcon, in collaboration with their Special Interest Group in Artificial Intelligence (SIG KI).


17:00 Welcome
17:05 – 17:15 Virtual 360-degree tour of the AI xpress

Wolfgang Vogt, Senioren der Wirtschaft 

17:15 – 17:45 Keynote presentation: Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence on a Blockchain Platform

Maria Minaricova, Director of Business Development of Fetch.AI

17:45 – 18:15 Keynote presentation: The path to AI in manufacturing

Christoph Sauerborn, Co-founder of iFlow

18:15 – 18:45 Workshop session: The challenges of digitalisation for industrial companies and value creation potential through data

moderated by Simona Pede, Head of Talent Lab bwcon

18:45 – 19:00 online Networking for SIG KI members and wrap up


Carla Marquez
bwcon GmbH


+49 179 4366541

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